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1 Feb 2008: HarTALK discontinued

---HarTALK & RC1 discontinued
---SoftTALK 2000 - free code on download page

17 June 2003: USB to serial convertor tested by Cocoon

I tested a BAFO BF-810 USB to serial convertor on HarTALK, F90X, Windows 2000 today. Installed with no problems, worked immediately with SoftTALK 2000. See the linked pages on GOOGLE to buy one on mail order from a few independent suppliers.

11 April 2002: VERSION 2.14 of SoftTALK 2000 for F5, F100, F90, F90X, N90, N90s is available for download.

This version brings along minor fixes and an additional item:

---Version 2.14, released Apr 2003 Added COM5 to port selection.
---Version 2.12, released Nov 2002 Fixed handling of multiple exposures on F5.

F100-Tool for Psion available from F Minne!

Frank Minne has notified us that his F100-Tool Psion S5 application for F100 is ready.
Also, the F90-Tool for F90/N90/F90X/N90s is still available for download. F90-Tool does support the fast camera firing using HarTALK. More info available on his site HERE.

Cocoon Creations has made available a little conversion cable which connects HarTALK to your Psion or Palm modem cable.

Construction details of this little cable can also be found in the latest ELECSPEC.


SoftTALK 2000:

SoftTALK 2000 is the next generation of the popular SoftTALK 98 application, being a 32-bit software interface that makes the most of your Windows-HarTALK-Nikon inter-connectivity.

This product (download demo from: SoftTALK 2000 Demonstration application) which has just been released, supports the F5, F100 and 90-series cameras, sports a new look user interface, has multiple camera connection ability, HarTALK remote control firing, etc. An upgrade policy is implemented.

For SoftTALK 2000 preview purposes, the built-in emulation mode allows demonstration of the capabilities of the system without a cable.


HarTALK: Version 1.4

HarTALK is the hardware interface that facilitates the connection of semi-professional and professional Nikon Cameras to virtually "any" other intelligent device.

This product is very successfully used by many diverse people around the globe, for purposes ranging from scientific to professional photography.

We are now manufacturing HarTALK Version 1.4. Apart from production related improvements there are no differences in the functionality of Version 1.4 compared to previous HarTALK units. Notably, an improvement was made in v1.4, which results in faster F100 software firing, and camera meter turn-off.

All of the previous versions have been sold out.

The new shipment of HarTALK Version 1.4 has been available from May 2000 - get yours now.



Mind Of The Super-Achiever:

Lessons From One Of The Most Prominent Achievers Of All Time: Ramesses The Great

A.J. Smith & S.J. Watson
J. Mostert

Self Empowerment

See the linked pages for more information...

From an ancient culture come some remarkably modern, and innovative ideas that can be of great value for those who are open-minded enough to know that the past can be key to success in the future.
The ultimate investment: The one you make in yourself!