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NiCOMM Home:

NiCOMM is a generic term we use to signify hardware and software products that enable professional and semi-professional Nikon cameras to communicate with computers, remote control devices, infra-red devices, etc.

The NiCOMM product range is currently divided into two product types HarTALK (a hardware interface) and SoftTALK (a series of software products that speak to HarTALK).

Currently supported cameras include the following:

  • Nikon F90X / N90S
  • Nikon F90 / N90
  • Nikon F100
  • Nikon F5

We have conceptualised, and are currently developing, a range of products that do just this... communicate with Nikon cameras.

The following is a short summary of the products that have been developed (more are on their way):


Is the intelligent communications cable with on-board processor that facilitates connectivity between the Nikon camera and other intelligent devices, such as PCs, PalmPilot, Remote Control Units, etc.

HarTALK Accessories:

Current accessories include a US Robotics PalmPilot cable, Macintosh cable and wire remote control attaching to HarTALK.

SoftTALK 2000:

SoftTALK 2000 is a 32-bit, GUI software interface between Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000 and our connection cable, HarTALK...
A Demo of SoftTALK 2000 is available on this site for download.


Allows you to do setting changes on your camera (remotely), to download data from your camera and to store it on your PC, to control your camera remotely from your PC - as well as from other remote control devices.

Important Note:

While it is possible to mix and match SoftTALK or HarTALK with similar systems, there is a certain synergy that is created when HarTALK is connected with SoftTALK that delivers a series of functions that are truly unique to the NiCOMM product suite.

For an overview of those unique synergistic functions, see the NiCOMM - Technical Sheets...

Nikon (and presumably F90, N90, F90X, N90S, F100 and F5) are registered trademarks of Nikon Inc. and Nikon Corporation Japan.