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NiCOMM SoftTALK 2000 Features:

This is just some of SoftTALK 2000's exiting features!

  • Multi-camera communication. With SoftTALK 2000, more than one camera can be controlled simultaneously. A maximum of one HarTALK and one Camera is allowed per serial port. Many serial (COM) ports may be used.
  • Camera support. The F90 / F90X / N90 / N90s / F100 and F5 camera bodies are now fully supported, including the settings, options, data download and remote controlled firing.
  • Film Data Download. Your camera may be set up to record exposure information, lens used and camera settings for each frame. SoftTALK 2000 can download this data in any of the 3 available recording modes.
  • Multi-film Data Download. All film data (any number of rolls) may be downloaded without erasing any of the data from the camera.
  • Partial Data Download. SoftTALK 2000 can download the data for partially exposed film before it is rewound. You can even download the data after each shot, or as often as you like.
  • Real-time remote controlled focus and shoot. Focus and/or shoot your camera from your PC with the touch of a button or with the click of a mouse! (Only when used with HarTALK)
  • Settings and mode changes from PC. View and change the F90/N90/F90X/N90s modes and settings from your PC such as changing the exposure mode, shutter speed, compensation, etc...
  • Custom setting changes. Customise your camera options like beeps, focus priorities, idle timer before meter turns off, film data recording options, film number etc.
  • Custom Program curve definition. In the F90/N90/F90X/N90s you can create your own Program mode to meet your needs.
  • Custom Reset. In the F90/N90/F90X/N90s you may change the two green button's operation so that they will reset the camera to your (or your spouse's) favourite settings
  • Creative Photography. This allows access to functions that would normally require an Mf-26 Multifunction back. This includes the camera's flash compensation setting, multiple exposures and bracketing.
  • Windows environment. SoftTALK 2000's easy-to-use user interface takes full advantage of the Windows environment. It features pop-up hints for quick reference and keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation. A fully indexed context sensitive help file is also available.
  • Multilingual support. SoftTALK 2000 offers a choice of language, i.e. English or German. Preliminary support for Spanish, Catelan and Italian is included, but are still only 90% complete. Completion depends on users giving feedback, as we understand no word of those languages! Translation have only been done for F90/N90/F90X/N90s.

Look out for these features, which will appear in SoftTALK 2000 soon. These will also be available as Free upgrades for our existing SoftTALK 2000 customers.

  • Advanced Photographic Timer. This will enable you to set up a sequence of commands which can then be sent to the camera. For example, you could set it up to shoot ten frames with a two minute gap between each shot. You could also change any setting on the camera anywhere within the sequence. This will even work with multiple cameras!
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes will also be available free to our SoftTALK 2000 customers.

If you have any questions, requests or ideas regarding the product please contact COCOON on the e-mail link to SoftTALK 2000...

Nikon (and presumably F90, N90, F90X, N90S, F100 and F5) are registered trademarks of Nikon Inc. and Nikon Corporation Japan. Windows, Windows 95 & Windows NT are registered trademarks o