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NiCOMM SoftTALK-2000:


What is SoftTALK?

SoftTALK 2000
is 32-bit Windows software that enables computers (such as the Intel-based Pentium PC) to communicate with specific ranges of Nikon cameras over specialised communication cables, of which HarTALK is a prime example.

Camera Support:

  • Nikon F90
  • Nikon N90
  • Nikon F90X
  • Nikon N90s
  • Nikon F100
  • Nikon F5

Cable Compatibility:

  • Although SoftTALK 2000 has been specifically designed with HarTALK in mind, all known types of cables are supported.
  • However once SoftTALK 2000 is connected to the HarTALK interface it provides a suite of additional functionality that can be provided by no other interface.

OS Support:

  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Me (expected), Windows NT 4.0, 2000
  • MAC System 8.1 (Running Connectix VirtualPC 2.0 and Windows 95). See the following test reports...

32-Bit Application:

SoftTALK 2000 has been designed to provide the power and functionality, that the older DOS version has become renowned for, in a 32-bit GUI environment. It has been designed to make full use of the graphical capabilities of modern operating systems.


COCOON Creations cc is determined to keep prices as affordable as possible. Our current price for SoftTALK 2000 is a license fee of $45, and this also entitles you to free enhancements of the SoftTALK 2000 platform, including:

  • APT (Advanced photographic timer)
  • Bug fixes and other minor updates

From its first release in 1997 SoftTALK 98 was constantly upgraded and licensed users were updated for free.

The upgrade of a registered version of SoftTALK 98 to SoftTALK 2000 costs US$15.


SoftTALK 2000 will not run as a time limited demonstration. An evaluation version SoftTALK 2000 is now available from our download page, and can be used in emulation mode only. You will find that SoftTALK 2000 is another great product by COCOON. Your support will help us to extend and enhance this product range!


If you have any questions, requests or ideas regarding the product please contact COCOON on the following e-mail link to SoftTALK 2000...

Nikon (and presumably F90, N90, F90X, N90S, F100 and F5) are registered trademarks of Nikon Inc. and Nikon Corporation Japan. Windows, Windows 95 & Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.