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PowerTALK 101 - Serial-TCP/IP-Serial Switch

PowerTALK 101 is a device that enables normal Serial communication to be sent over TCP/IP networks. In fact, the architecture facilitates on-the-fly Serial to TCP/IP to Serial switching / converting.

Why this product?

Imagine that you have a proprietary device that can be managed via a serial link, such as an RS-232 or RS-485 link. Every time that you need to manage a specific device you have to physically go to the site and connect your mobile PC to the device in order to manage or to monitor it. Well, not any more!

PowerTALK 101 is a product set that allows you to extend a virtual serial connection for an unlimited distance as long as there is TCP/IP based network connectivity between you and the device you want to talk to. With PowerTALK, you can now sit in Hong Kong and manage a serial device in Hawaii.

An industrial tool:

PowerTALK 101 has been designed to exist in industrial conditions, boasting 2.5 kV isolation and it slots into standard industrial 19" Cabinets/Racks.

How does it work?

The architecture is really straight forward. The serial port of your management system plugs into your local PowerTALK 101 device. Your remote target device is plugged into another PowerTALK 101 unit, standing on site.

The management system (PC) speaks to the local PowerTALK 101 using the applicable serial protocol. The two PowerTALK 101 unites talk to one another using the TCP/IP protocol. And the remote device speaks to the remote PowerTALK 101 again in the appropriate serial protocol.

There is no limit to the number of PowerTALK 101s that can exist in your network environment, although the minimum number is two.

Many local serial devices can be connected to a single PowerTALK 101 unit.

Extend your reach and enhance your vision!

Both your management system and the remote device think that they are standing right next to each other, while in fact, PowerTALK has extended your reach, shrunken your time to respond to problems, enhanced your visibility, and ultimately increased your productivity.

Available ports per PowerTALK 101:

A single PowerTALK 101 device can have 2, 6, 10, 14 18 or even 22 available serial ports for communication with local serial devices.

Operating System:

PowerTALK 101 runs on Unix: Linux to be precise.

More information:

  • See our on-line User's Manual of PowerTALK 101 for more information.
  • Should you have any queries, please contact COCOON.