Cocoon Newsletter: 2000 - Second Quarter, issue 2

In here you will find:

1. SoftTALK 2000 Released !!

2. F5 and F100 now supported on SoftTALK 2000:

3. F90/N90 and F90X/N90x on SoftTALK 2000:

4. SoftTALK 2000 Pricing:

5. SoftTALK 2000 policy:

6. SoftTALK 2000 upgrades:

7. Beta tester response:

8. On-line store expands:

9. US orders fax number:

10. Re-selling opportunity:

11. Fun photo competition:

12. Remove

    1    SoftTALK 2000 released!

    Both commercial and demonstration versions are available for download from our website’s download section, at Licenses may be purchased from the Kagi shop (linked to from our website.)

    2    F5 and F100 now supported on SoftTALK 2000:

    After some unforeseen technical delays with both the F100 and F5 versions of SoftTALK 2000, we are now right on track.

    3    F90/N90 and F90X/N90x on SoftTALK 2000:

    SoftTALK 2000 brings a face lift and a camera tree to SoftTALK 98 users.

    4    SoftTALK 2000 Pricing:

    5    SoftTALK 2000 policy:
Our policy is simple:

SoftTALK 2000 and HarTALK works for all* bodies, at one price !

*All of course means all listed camera bodies with data capability
    6    SoftTALK 2000 upgrades:
Users eligible for upgrades, may request same from The following details must be included:
    7    Beta tester response:

    Beta users of HTFire (for Palm) are requested to respond to this message, stating either their satisfaction with HTFire or briefly explain why not. Please make suggestions if you have, or list problems if you have noticed some.

    8    On-line store expands:

    We have optimised the options in the on-line store.

    We have expanded the on-line price list and options at Please see the secure Cocoon shop at Kagi, at

    9    US orders fax number:

    A number of US customers asked for a local fax number for ordering. This will eventually replace the current fax order number to our business in South Africa.

    You can now also send a faxed order to Kagi instead of using Internet e-commerce. This may be done by printing a special order form from the Register application included with the SoftTALK 2000 Demo.

    10    Re-selling opportunity:

    Small (6-book) reseller packs of "Mind of the Super-Achiever", our photographic artwork (see, is now available to resellers in mail order sample packs at a special price of US$149 per 6-pack, including P&P. Your cost of US$25 per book allows easy reselling at the market price of US$42 each including 68% markup to you. See the Kagi on-line shop.

    Similar packages are considered for HarTALK and SoftTALK bundles. Please contact us per email to should you require details.

       11    Fun photo competition:

We have made available as prizes 2 SoftTALK 2000 licences including HarTALK cables, and 5 copies of our glossy photo book, ‘Mind of the Super-Achiever’, inclusive of airmail delivery anywhere in the world.

A simple question needs to be answered, of which the answer lies on the web site, and an image must be submitted on either theme:

We will select and put your JPG entries on our web site. We will display your image on our web site. Winners will be announced on our site. The question is simple: ‘How many colour photographs are in Mind of the Super-Achiever’.

Entries not adhering to all rules below will be disqualified.

Closing time is 18:00 GMT on May 31, 2000.

Pictures from digital cameras are allowed, as well as scans from film cameras. No specific brand will be favoured. HarTALK and SoftTALK users will not be favoured.

This is no special effects competition and only image adjustments of levels, brightness, contrast, image size and sharpness is allowed. Pictures exhibiting manipulation will loose evaluation points. Cropping is allowed.

Images *must* have the title and participant name visible against an edge in the image area.

The sender of an entry must be the participant, the photographer and must also be the copyright holder of the image(s).

Picture files, with answers and details must be emailed to Receipt of images will not be acknowledged. Each participant may send in up to three pictures, but a participant will qualify for one prize only.

Images must be in the JPG format and must have no side greater than 800 pixels, width or height. Files larger than 100kb will be deleted prior to download.

Please include in your email submission your choice of prize: Book or SoftTALK 2000. Please list your Nikon cameras owned.

We obtain rights of all entries, for publication only on and on We require no further publication rights.

The winning pictures will be chosen by Cocoon Creations CC, and will be announced on the named websites. The decision will be made, based on subjective appeal of the picture. The judges' decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. No partner, contractor, or employee of Cocoon Creations cc may partake in the competition.

A valid email address is required. Our email list will be destroyed after announcement of the winners.

Winners will be requested by email to submit their delivery addresses after the announcement. Details (if available) of the winning shots, i.e. lens detail, shutter speed, f-stop, flash mode, camera body type & model, place and film type shall be submitted at this stage only.

Prizes will be sent to the winners by International Airmail.

    12    Remove
As usual, please reply with REMOVE in the header or body, should you wish to be removed from our distribution list.